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Les Claypool & Primus (cover story) — in-depth interview with Les Claypool including reflections on the recently resurrected Primus and his prolific, far-reaching solo career. Says Claypool, "In my youth I was quite the prog head I guess -- Jethro Tull and Yes, etc. [Yes bassist] Chris Squire was one of my original heroes ... Met him once, really nice guy. I've sort of become the oddball of the industry. When people ask me to describe what I do now, I say it's sort of abstract rock. That's the best I can do!"


Queensryche — interview with singer/front-man Geoff Tate on the band marking its 30th anniversary, controversial fan reception to its latest studio album, and the group's "progressive credentials." Says Tate, "With every record we somehow manage to create controversy within our fan base. With every record we've released there are people that like it, people who love it, people that find it at different points in their life, and some people never like it. It is art, it's not going to appeal to everybody. People attach feelings to music based on their own life experience."


Greg Lake — in-depth with the former Emerson, Lake & Palmer singer/bassist on the resumption of his solo career, the ELP legacy, and the need for a shot of youthful energy in moving progressive music forward. Says Lake, "I'm recording an album this summer. In fact, I've got an album already recorded and I have had for a long time. I will release a new album either in the fall or early next year."


The Tangent — in-depth interview with front-man Andy Tillison, including reflections on his band's new lineup, latest studio album, and his other band, Parallet Or 90 Degrees. Says Tillison, "My more philosophical question is whether 1973 is actually yet in the past. It's part of contemporary memory, in that many people are alive now who were also alive in '73. I don't think music or art really passes into the past until the people the were part of that movement and corresponding audiences have themselves passed into history."


Squackett — interview with ex-Genesis guitarist/singer Steve Hackett on his new collaborative project with Yes bassist Chris Squire. Says Hackett, "I'm very pleased with it but I think it's a bit different from what people are expecting. If I were to say 'radio friendly' that might sound like a dirty term. But that wasn't necessarily the intention."


Lana Lane — interview with the symphonic hard-rock solo artist and wife of prolific keyboardist Erik Norlander. Lane discusses how changes in her personal life have affected her music, and the progressive slant to her latest album. Says Lane, "This album is a culmination of all the growing that we have done in the past. At the same time, as you get older you realize what you’ve missed. Not that I’m complaining. I’ve been blessed to be able to make a nice life making music and traveling the world. But it’s easy to become disconnected from family, friends, and a sense of normalcy.”


Renaissance — an update from singer Annie Haslam on the classic band’s ongoing tour plans and upcoming new album. Says Haslam, “I think this album is going to really be magic, I just know it. This band gets along so well as people and we are all so excited. They’re great musicians and we never have any problems. This, indeed, is the new Renaissance!”  


Man On Fire – an overview of this now-veteran progressive act from the Southeastern U.S. and a look at its new album and lineup. Says vocalist/keyboardist/composer Jeff Hodges, ““I’m not sure where all the ‘80s references come from other than I’m a child of that time frame,” Hodges says of the album’s varied stylistic blend. “I work real hard to make the music sound like nothing else. I listen to a lot of current stuff and I’m into a lot of different genres -- pop, country, dub-step … I’m all over the map.”


Brighteye Brison – introducing yet another contemporary symphonic band upholding the grand progressive tradition of its native Sweden. Says multi-instrumentalist/composer Linus Kase, “Brighteye Brison is, to me, definitely a symphonic progressive rock band. It is more the fact that the members in the band enjoy jazz and are accomplished musicians in that vein which probably shines through sometimes. We could delve into long fusion solo excursions if we wanted to and I think there are other bands doing that a lot more than we are.”


Marbin – a look at this adventurous fusion act, which settled in Chicago by way of Israel and recently toured in support of the Allan Holdsworth Trio. Says saxophonist Danny Markovitch regarding the group’s upcoming third album, “After you hear it, you won’t feel like you have to take a nap!”


Marco Perricelli – an in-depth interview with this veteran American keyboard maestro on his collaborations with ex-Yes singer Jon Anderson and plans for recording and performing with his progressive solo band. Says Perricelli, “I am compelled to be an orchestral composer. It’s always been my forte and a love of mine since I was 14. The colors, dynamics and counterpoint with the different sounds blow me away. Orchestral, ambient and new age music offers the listener so many colors. That is where my heart is.”    


Zeitgeist Media – an interview with American husband/wife team Adele Schmidt and Jose Zegarra Holder on a planned series of film documentaries chronicling various subgenres of progressive music. Says Jose, “A lot of baby boomers who listened to progressive rock when they were younger kind of forgot about it. But they did like the music back then and if they knew that the scene never really died, some might be buying [music] and listening to the bands of today.” 


ProgDay Festival – a look ahead to the 2012 edition of progressive music’s longest-running annual festival, plus a look back – with photos – at last year’s successful entry.


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